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Operations Manager

Responsible for overseeing an organization’s day-to-day activities. Managing multiple areas within the company.

Project Manager

Coordinates people and processes to ensure that projects are delivered on time and produce the desired results.

Account Manager

Responsible for creating long-term, trusting relationships with customers. Serves as the lead point of contact for all customer account management matters.

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  • 5 top Vetted Candidates that fit your criteria
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  • With relevant industry experience
  • In required regions
  • 2-3 business days turnaround
$ 1,750


  • 10 top Vetted Candidates that fit your criteria
  • Within your salary range
  • With relevant industry experience
  • In required regions
  • 3 top Candidates are interviewed
  • Professional recommendations for the interviewed Candidates
  • 1-week turnaround

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Frequently Asked Questions

At our Recruitment Agency, we had the opportunity to successfully source, filter and vet thousands of qualified candidates for the OM, AM and PM roles.

This has given us a strong database of available qualified candidates to send to our clients. 
On top of that, we’ve also created a pipeline for new candidates interested in our Operations roles. 

In our new process, candidates have to demonstrate relevant qualifications and a background in one of our 3 roles, provide reference checks, and go through a personality and video screening process. 

They are screened for the proper English abilities and remote work experience needed to be successful in an Agency environment. 

The top 10-15% are qualified and added to our database by our expert hiring managers.
In our upgraded package, we offer candidate interviews as an add-on service.
This way, clients will be provided with not only a vetted list of candidates that fit their requirements, but also our top recommended candidates with relevant interview notes.
Candidate salaries within our database range from $1500-$5000 per month (depending on level of experience, background, English level, and country of residence).
We have candidates from all over the world, to accommodate all timezones. 
We are striving to facilitate Agencies with long term team members – part or full-time. 

In the case you are looking for short-term/project based candidates, as long as you provide us this information upfront, we’ll make sure to find candidates that are interested in this type of arrangement.
Our Customer Success Manager will jump on a quick call with you to figure out where there was a mismatch, and how we can make sure to provide the best candidates based on your needs.

We’ll do our best to provide additional candidates using the new information.

In the case there still is a mismatch, we’re happy to provide a full refund.
We’re happy to help provide an additional list of candidates, so you will be able to find the perfect fit for you.
Once you’ve made your selection, we recommend you sign a contractor agreement and finalize a payment plan directly with the candidate.

All salary or candidate related payments will be made directly to the candidate.

$500 package – 5 vetted and available candidates within 48 hours.

$1500 package – 10 vetted, available, and interviewed candidates within 1 week.
Our Customer Success Manager will reach out via email and provide you access to the list of candidates’ and their information. 
If you have one, please provide us a link to it when filling out the hiring form.
If you do not, we highly recommend you put one together and purchase our Job Description add-on.

Our Customer Success Manager will get in touch within 24 hours and book a 15 minute call, to gather all the information we need to put it together for candidates.

Though this isn’t a requirement, candidates are a lot more likely to apply to a position with more information available, so this increases your chance of being better matched.  
Fill out our 5-min form, select your preferred package, make a payment and we will get back to you with a list of top vetted candidates within the timeframe…
If you are looking to hire for a role not listed on our website, we recommend you check out our Recruitment Agency

We provide a Done-For-You recruitment service, where we can accommodate and hire for any needed remote role.
If you are an Agency owner looking to hire a great and affordable AM, PM or OM in under a week, then absolutely!
$500 – We provide you with 5 vetted top candidates based on your requirements.

$1500 – We provide you with 10 vetted top candidates, along with our top 3 recommendations based on interviews we will conduct. You will also receive our interview notes.
After completing our 5-minute hiring form, you will be directed to our payment page.

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